X-Team's Remote Developer Lifestyle

A collection of tips, tricks, and techniques to keep your mind and body in top shape

Contents of the book are licensed according to creative commons BY-NC-SA unless otherwise noted.

About the book

X-Team is a company with a special company culture. We believe in supporting each other and supporting others, helping people where we can and spreading the knowledge, drive, and desire for success - we call it Unleashing the X, the "special something" that lies hidden deep within each person, which makes them strive to become the best they can be.

Every single one of us works remotely. For some, this means working from home, for others from a local coffee shop or a coworking space, the third group is constantly on the road, water, or in the air, traveling to their next destination to work from, and the rest alternates between these options. But all of us spend much of our work time sitting in chairs and working with our minds, so we decided to pool our knowledge and come up with some ways on how to keep our bodies and minds in good shape. This is how this book came to be.

Before you start reading it though, know that this book is a collaborative effort, which is not yet complete. This means that we will be continuously adding more things, so we suggest you favorite it, so you are notified when there are new nuggets of remote lifestyle gold waiting for you.

May the X be with you!

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