We're always on the lookout for good people. Always. Yet, all too often, it's tricky to find them. Why? There are several reasons, and we'll cover the major ones in this guide. For now, rest assured that after you're through reading, your chances of being found, recognized for your skill, and finally hired will skyrocket.

The Guide is separated into three parts, each of which covers a different step in the process of being found to becoming part of the team. Each of these three parts is further divided into sections dedicated to specifics.

You do not have to read this from the beginning to the end. You can absolutely use it as a reference. Just bear in mind that we organized the Guide according to the actual process flow, so having a perfect "score" on Part III won't help you get hired if you do not make it past Part II.

And now, let's jump head-first into it!

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